South Coast Cultural Society is proud to support South Coast Jazz, a diverse three day grand event set in picturesque and historic lakeside Port Dover and other venues in Norfolk County. Featuring world-class music, art, wine, food, film, vendors and exhibits complemented by tours of the region, this event is exceptional in scope and scale with something for everyone!

see www.southcoastjazz.com for more information


November 20, 2016


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See South Coast Cultural Society's Juliann Kuchocki and her core teams Past Achievements in their three years highlights video below with their other company and festival South Coast Jazz.

South Coast Cultural Society will also deliver quality programming with a diverse repertoire in all genres of music, art, education, culture and more.

South Coast Cultural Society

SCCS’s mandate is to enhance the quality of culture, music and arts in Norfolk County, SW On and beyond 

Directed & founded by Juliann Kuchocki C.A.E.A./Actra /Socan, SCCS activity is catered specifically to cultural, musical artistic and educational development, growing Ontario’s brand & SCCS events as international destinations catering to multicultural and educational programming that connects and inspires all races, religions and humanity.